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About: Take the Tampa Bay Commuters Pledge: Between February and June 2019, commuters around Tampa Bay will pledge to commute to work or school (university/college) or for errands, meetings, or other travel in a single occupant vehicle through public transit, biking, carpooling, walking, and teleworking. The campaign was created by the New North Transportation Alliance, Tampa Downtown Partnership and Westshore Alliance. This campaign is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation District Seven Commuter Assistance Program. These organizations work together to promote transportation choices that improve commuting to work or school.


Eligibility: ELIGIBILITY IS NOW CLOSED!  Commuters traveling for work or school (university or college) to/from Hillsborough and Pinellas counties are eligible to participate in the campaign and win prizes. You can take the pledge for any mode at any time. Prize winners will be drawn from the mode of the month pledges (Feb: Transit, Mar: Bike, Apr: Carpool, May: Walk, June: Telework/Compressed Work Week), announced on the website and via the Bike/Walk Tampa Bay Twitter and Facebook page. GRAND PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED AT THE END OF THE CAMPAIGN: Prize winners will be notified by email. Increase your chances of winning by pledging for each mode. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years of age or older.




Other prizes distributed randomly
Bike light sets
Nightcrawler Strap Lights
Ten pack one day passes on HART,
Ten pack one day passes on PSTA,
Campaign collectible t-shirts, and more!


*Prizes were donated for this campaign by the sponsors listed through public-private partnerships.

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Tampa Bay Commuters

For more information contact Julie Bond, Program Manager at jmbond@usf.edu.



We would like to thank Courtney Reynolds, Program Manager, reThink Your Commute, for providing guidance and expertise,

and Arthur and Assaf at Pictition Labs, LLC for making this campaign possible.


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